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Leviant's UV delivery systems neutralize 99.9% of harmful pathogens in under 2 minutes

Use our near shadowless FMUV system
to treat whole rooms and equipment.

Leviant’s patented FMUV (Focused Multivector UltraViolet light) products use multiple light sources to kill over 99.9% of infectious pathogens in 90-120 seconds.


Our devices treat whole rooms (Space-1) and equipment (E300 & Space-1).  

The benefits of FMUV?

■ Easier workflow

■ Faster turnover time for ALL DAY use

■ Lower labor costs
■ Safer work environments

■ Reduced risk to workers and patients

■ Reduced microbial load

And the knowledge that all treated rooms, surfaces, and equipment are cleaned beyond current industry standards.

Blue Skies

Leviant FMUV Technology Comes in
Two Products with Innovative Delivery Methods

For Rooms and Equipment:

The Space-1 is built like a spider and can be deployed “curled up” in a small patient bathroom or expanded to fit larger rooms.  It’s four arms can be readily deployed and reach 15’ x 15’, thus putting every nook and cranny of most patient and operating rooms within a few feet.


 antimicrobial activity

Proven 99.9% effective in multiple hospital settings.

Fast (2 minute) cycles

invites intra-day use

well beyond the typical terminal clean that most traditional UV systems are limited to. 

Easy to move

Rapidly set up, deploy, and store with only one operator.

Space-1 UV Light Cleaning Equpment

Patented FMUV technology

Our UV light delivery system converges from multiple sides to kill microorganisms and virtually eliminate shadows.

Treats the entire space, including equipment

Four modular arms are configurable to fit any room or around bulky equipment.

Cleans rooms in 2 minutes

Delivery method allows for up to

20x faster results.

Safety features prevent accidental exposure

Five automatic motion sensors and manual shut-off buttons

protect users and passersby.

Meet Expandable FMUV Cleaning Technology

Hybrid experience

The SPACE-1 is the most efficient UV system on the market

■ Greater than 99.9% efficacy

■ FMUV treats spaces, rooms, and equipment with limited shadows

■ 2 minute cycle

■ Extendable arms for customization and mobile utility

■ Tested in a 15’ x 15’ room

Blue Skies

UV cleaning technology for equipment that 
allows staff to safely stay in the room.


The E300 is the only UV device on the market that has

UL certification for use with people in the room

Invites intra-day use

Rapid deployment and stay-in-the-room feature invites 24x7 use for ALL equipment

Unsurpassed antimicrobial activity

Proven over 99.99% effective in multiple hospital settings

Rapidly treats the sides of equipment

Four modular walls and expandable arms surrounds equipment, virtually eliminating all shadowing

Cleans equipment in 90 seconds

Up to 30x faster than traditional UV

Larger when deployed.

Small when stored.

Can surround equipment as large as an operating table, but compacts to 2’ wide

Patented FMUV technology

Antimicrobial UV light converges from multiple sides to kill microorganisms and virtually eliminate shadowing.

Safety features prevent accidental exposure

Five automatic motion sensors and manual shut-off buttons

protect users and passersby

It is focused on high-touch, high-risk equipment

for use in the OR, ED, NICU, Burn Units and other high traffic areas such as food service

Meet Expandable FMUV Cleaning Technology

Hybrid experience
E300 - FINAL-E2.tif

Leviant was founded to increase access to safe environments in hospitals and other indoor spaces.

While initially focused on hospitals and healthcare sites, we are ever building a company dedicated to making our uniquely fast and efficient UV and other solutions available to all people in all places. 


ICUs, ERs, ORs, Patient Transport, Patient Rooms, Equipment, Devices + Instruments


Rehab Facilities + Patient Rooms


Dispensing Areas, Storage Areas, Waiting Areas

Prevent infection now
+ be prepared for the future.

1 in 20 patients will contract a hospital-acquired infection (HAI) during their stay

Infections not only harm patient health and trust but also hospital profits. Additional care due to infection is rarely fully paid for. Lower the infection rate and you’ll see healthier patients and economic savings.

The Clinical + Economic Loss From Infection


Deaths per year resulting
from HAIs in the US alone


Total number of patients
with HAIs in the US per year


per infection


Annual costs for US
healthcare providers

Leviant UV Technology
offers Effective Solutions for Workflow





≤2 min



You probably don't have 30 minutes for UV cleaning that only treats a small area.

Our proprietary physics based light technology, FMUV, converges from all sides & creates uniform energy that accelerates germicidal kill in 90-120 seconds without shadowing and 99.9% effectiveness. And the E300 is the only system where the user doesn’t need to evacuate the room.

Blue Skies

Clean spaces with 

Leviant FMUV  Technology

12 Skyline Drive

Hawthorne, NY 10532

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