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PurpleSun® FMUV: Weapon of Defense Battling an Invisible Enemy COVID-19

PURPLESUN®, in partnership with Hackensack Meridian Health and Northwell Health, form a private sector partnership to provide FMUV Shadowless Delivery™ light decontamination technology to U.S. government agencies

With a community of innovative minds from top executives, clinicians, and board members at Hackensack Meridian Health, Northwell Health, and PurpleSun – the trio collaborated to provide access to PurpleSun technology to government agencies in order to help protect the crew and pilots to maximize operational readiness of their no-fail mission criteria (and in only 90 seconds).

United States Air Force does not endorse or imply the endorsement of this Non- Federal entity // #PSP // United States Air Force is used as a general term and not to imply endorsement

Request the peer-reviewed study on the effectiveness of FMUV vs. manual chemical disinfection by filling out the form below.


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