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About Us

Leviant was founded to democratize access to safe environments in hospitals and other indoor spaces.

Based in Westchester, NY, Leviant was founded to build an array of safe, sustainable solutions that disinfect indoor environments making them safe for all – workers, patients and guests. 

While initially focused on hospitals and healthcare sites, we are ever building a company dedicated to making our uniquely fast and efficient UV and other solutions available to all people in all places. 

Our mission is to create safer environments, save lives, reduce costs and enhance workflows.

Our Founders


David Eigen
CEO + Co-Founder

Jonathan H. Levy.png

Jonathan Levy
General Counsel + Co-Founder

Kevin Goldston.png

Kevin Goldston
VP of Operations + Co-Founder

Erik Feinstein.png

Matthew Claster
Treasurer + Co-Founder

Mathew Claster.png

Eric Feinstein
Director + Co-Founder

Our Team

Steve Choi.png

Steve Choi, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Mariana Hernandez.png

Mariana Hernandez
Senior Integrations Manager

Alfred Miller.png

Alfred Miller
Director of Hospital Integration


Arjun Patel
Director of Engineering

Chris Smith.png

Chris Smith
Area Sales Manager

Michael Wahl.png

Michael Wahl
Engineering Program Management

Ryan Walsh.png

Ryan Walsh
Area Sales Manager

Max Eigen.png

Max Eigen
Marketing + Social Media

12 Skyline Drive

Hawthorne, NY 10532



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